Monday, March 31, 2014

Unit 2: The current account deficit

Great summary from tutor2u with all the latest data

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unit 2: How strong is the link between output and unemployment?

Fairly strong at Honda, according to this BBC clip

Unit 1: Evaluating the efffect of a tax cut

It depends on whether the tax cut is passed on to consumers, or added to the profits of the producers. The BBC reports on the "penny off a pint" budget cut

Unit 2: Policies to reduce unemployment in Greece

A post full of information and evaluation from economicshelp

Unit 2: The limitations of economic growth when considering quality of life

Nice video found by tutor2u

Unit 2: MUltiplier example in Hull

Thanks to tutor2u for this example

Unit 1: Supply and demand and food prices

Nice article and clip from Sky; ideal for drawing S&D diagrams for

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Unit 2: Japan's current account deficit explained in this BBC article

Unit 2: The effect of low interest rates

Thanks to the Guardian; great for evaluation as it explains the winners and losers

Unit 1: Building dams; winners and losers

Nice clip from the BBC

Unit 1: Legislation to reduce pollution in Paris

Evaluate how likely this policy is likely to be in reducing air pollution in Paris, especially in the long term

Unit 2: What is the output gap?

Nice clip from the BBC

Unit 2: Evaluating the efffects of low interest rates on the UK economy

I like this summary by a Year 12 student(!) on the tutor2u blog

Unit 2: Government income and spending 2014/15

Thanks to the Guardian for this visualisation

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Unit 2: What are the causes and effects of a depreciation?

Nice post from economicshelp regarding the depreciation of the rupee

Unit 1: Information failure: Saturated fat

So, I thought the position on saturated and unsaturated fats was clear, but this BBC report makes me think I may have been suffering from information failure...........or was I? Further research will no doubt make the picture clearer

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Unit 1: The falling price of milk

How can this possibly be? Either because the supermarkets are willing to cut the profit they make (show this on a S&D diagram), or because it's part of a cross elasticity strategy (explain the strategy)

Unit 2: Has our standard of living gone up even as real gdp per capita has fallen?

Quite possibly, according to this really interesting post from tutor2u (based on a Telegraph article)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Unit 2: Why China's current growth model may be unsustainable

In a few words: Negative externalities; smog that is shortening the life of city residents and reducing their standard of living