Sunday, November 30, 2014

The electric bus; a solution to market failure?

Could be if this experiment in Brazil works out

Mining in Burkino Faso; a case of market failure

This depressing clip shows a clear example of market failure and the need for government intervention

Free child flu vaccine; a policy to overcome market failure associated with a merit good

Is flu vaccine a merit good? Quite possibly given the roll-out of this government policy
This clip shows the reasons why the vaccine is required

Sunday, November 16, 2014

What fine should you get for littering?

£500 for a Pringles lid? So reports the BBC

Successful information provision by governments to reduce market failure: Drink driving public information films

From the BBC and

Positive and negative externalities from the Jakarta sea wall

Great clip from the BBC

Why governments tax fuel: Price Elasticity of Demand in action

Nice story from Australia from the BBC

Why the price of oil if falling

60 second summary from the BBC

Information failure and market failure: legal highs

A longer than normal clip (10 mins) which raises a lot of issues about information failure and possible government actions

Also, other BBC clips on the issue and and and and

Information failure? Is plastic food packaging safe

Interesting clip from the BBC

Should we allow the advertising of e-cigarettes?

Intersting clip from Sky

Is there information failure? Will there be positive or negative externalities when they are consumed?

Perfect competition presentation

A comprehensive explanation from Mo Tanweer

How competitive is the UK supermarket market?

Great data from economicshelp