Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Unit 1: Illegal rubbish dumps in Greece

Laws may be easy to pass, but enforcement can prove a problem as this clip from the BBC shows


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Unit 2: Why is saving high and consumtion low in China?

A nice clip with the answers from the BBC


Unit 1: Should e-cigarettes be more closely regulated?

Some believe they should


UNit 2: Should low inflation be the primary macro objective?

A nice evaluative post from economicshelp


Unit 2: What are the effects of a decrease in interest rates?

A nice evaluative post from economicshelp


Unit 2: Income and spending patterns in the UK

Great data from the ONS via a Guardian article, handy when looking at how weights in CPI/RPI are allocated


and this interactive one showing changes over time, including, clearly, the effects of the recession


Unit 1: Information failure in the fruit and veg market

An amazing story from Tesco. When I read it, I wondered if it was April Fools day!


Friday, December 06, 2013