Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gender pay inequality

..........remains bad, according to Sky

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Saturday, December 05, 2015

The most polluted city in China

So reports the BBC

Legislation: 'Opt-out' organ donation system to start in Wales

So reports the BBC showing Wales leading the way (as ever!)

MP's press for sugar tax

So reports the BBC and

Plastic Bag Charge Cuts Use At Tesco By 78%

For those who argue a financial disincentive isn't a good way to move the market towards a more allocatively efficient use of resources, this story from Sky will be a bit of a blow!

How taste and fashion effects demand: VW cars

Thanks to Sky news for these and

VW and government failure

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Foreign Direct Investment in the Global Economy

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Quantitative methods: Mean, median and mode calculations

Thanks to tutor2u for this

The negative externalities associated with the cocaine trade

Fantastic video from the UK National Crime Agency

The ever spreading banana plant disease

Thanks to MSN for this

Using S&D diagrams, discuss the likely effect of this disease on banana prices

International Trade data in graphics

Thanks to tutor2u for this data

Contestable Markets: Tyrrells Launches Advertising Campaign

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Background on the UK and the European Union

Thanks to tutor2u for this
and this essay plan on a common tariff could be useful

Productive Efficiency: How Amazon gets packages to you

hanks to tutor2u for this clip

A gigantic Australian train!

Productive efficiency/economies of scale in action in this BBC clip