Saturday, February 14, 2015

Inequality of income in the USA

Great 90 second video from the BBC

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Differing standards; a form of protectionism?

This BBC clip shows the limitations on the free trade in cars worldwide

Currency pegs around the world

Thanks to tutor2u for this link to the Economist

Differing wages in the labour market

A nice tool from the BBC which compares your wage, in a variety of ways, to that of top footballers

Sunday, February 01, 2015

slideshares to sort

indirect taxes
maximum prices
minimum prices
buffer stock
labour market
housing market
externalities of prod and con
Neg ext
pos ext
info fail
public goods
merit goods
demerit goods
factor immobility
monopoly power
income and wealth inequality
govt fail

How technology can increase productivity: The half mile long train

Great report from the BBC on the effect of automating tasks. The last sentence says the job is reduced from 12 years to 2

The costs of increasing car ownership

Summarised in under a minute by this BBC report on car ownership in China

The measles outbreak in California; a case of information failure?

Why do more affluent parents in California not immunise their children? Could it be a case of information failure asks this BBC clip

Market failure; smoking in pregnancy

Are financial incentives the way to reduce the market failure (ie negative externalities in the form of harm to the unborn child)? Maybe, this small scale trial reported by the BBC suggests

Speed cameras; actions to reduce market failure

Reduced accidents (ie negative externalities) resulting from this scheme in Scotland, report the BBC

Policies to solve the problem of deflation/low inflation

Thanks to economicshelp for this summary

The impact of immigration on the UK economy

A wide ranging summary from Economicshelp