Sunday, May 31, 2015

Income inequality: Are we all in this together?

Unlikely if the BBC has got it's options right on how to save £12bn from the welfare budget

Crossrail and a positive externality

A nature reserve, reports the BBC

Why is consumption (and therefore growth) stagnent/falling in Japan?

Great clip rom the BBC

Information failure? Paracetamol and pregnancy

Possibly, reports the BBC

De-Merit Goods - Banning Legal Highs

Rather than banning specific compounds, the government now intends to use regulation to ban all legal highs
BBC video

Ch4 video

What would be the costs and benefits of such a move and to what extent would it reduce the market failure associated with legal highs?

Emigration and its effect on the PPF/Economic growth

Dire, for Greece if this tutor2u post is correct

China cuts tariffs on imported consumer goods

...reports tutor2u

Costs and benefits; mining in a national park

This proposal has both private and external benefits and costs? Should it be given the go ahead?

Inequality: Joseph Stiglitz on The Great Divide

Interesting video

and article via tutor2u

Deflation: CPI inflation in the UK turns negative

Reports tutor2u with a BBC video clip

The key questions this raises from Ch4

A supply-side policy: Stricter laws on strike action

As reported by tutor2u


A revision presentation from tutor2u

Perfect competition

A revision presentation from tutor2u

Contestable markets

A revision presentation from tutor2u

International trade

A presentation from tutor2u

International competitiveness

A revision presentation from tutor2u

Production possibility frontier

A revision presentation from tutor2u

Government failure

A revision presentation from tutor2u

First year glossary

...from tutor2u
and macro