Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gender pay inequality

..........remains bad, according to Sky

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The most polluted city in China

So reports the BBC

Legislation: 'Opt-out' organ donation system to start in Wales

So reports the BBC showing Wales leading the way (as ever!)

MP's press for sugar tax

So reports the BBC and

Plastic Bag Charge Cuts Use At Tesco By 78%

For those who argue a financial disincentive isn't a good way to move the market towards a more allocatively efficient use of resources, this story from Sky will be a bit of a blow!

How taste and fashion effects demand: VW cars

Thanks to Sky news for these and

VW and government failure

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Foreign Direct Investment in the Global Economy

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Quantitative methods: Mean, median and mode calculations

Thanks to tutor2u for this

The negative externalities associated with the cocaine trade

Fantastic video from the UK National Crime Agency

The ever spreading banana plant disease

Thanks to MSN for this

Using S&D diagrams, discuss the likely effect of this disease on banana prices

International Trade data in graphics

Thanks to tutor2u for this data

Contestable Markets: Tyrrells Launches Advertising Campaign

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Background on the UK and the European Union

Thanks to tutor2u for this
and this essay plan on a common tariff could be useful

Productive Efficiency: How Amazon gets packages to you

hanks to tutor2u for this clip

A gigantic Australian train!

Productive efficiency/economies of scale in action in this BBC clip

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Regulating the cannabis market

An interesting post from the BBC

Amazon and Creative Destruction

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Labour market discrimination

Thanks to tutor2u for these examples

Privatisation: Pros and cons

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Mergers and aquisitions: Examples

Thanks to tutor2u

Should the minimum wage be increased?

This, from tutor2u, argues you already get more than the pay from an entry level job

The rising cost of watching live football

An interesting take from tutor2u

Benefits and benefits in kind by income decile

Thanks to economicshelp for this data

Income inequality by income decile

Thanks to economicshelp for this data

Rising demand for sweet potatoes

Why? tutor2u reports

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Light rail in Addis: A supply side policy

Think of the impact of this on the Ethiopian economy in terms of its effect on the AS/PPF curves

Friday, October 09, 2015

Substitutes for "normal" cigarettes in India

An interesting clip from the BBC covering several aspects of demand theory

International trade data

Want to know the trade pattern of a country? This great source courtesy of tutor2u

Friday, October 02, 2015

Cigarette butts; a negative externality

Paris aims to target offenders with fines

The effect of a depreciating Ugandan currency

This BBC report highlights some of the difficulties and the actions open to the Central Bank of Uganda

In car smoking ban

The latest legislation to reduce the market failure associated with the cigarette market

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


An interesting article about what we mean by "money" from tutor2u

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The supply curve for steel

As the price falls, some firms stop producing as they cannot produce profitably. This appears to be the fate or Redcar, reports the BBC

Dismaland and the multiplier effect

So reports the BBC

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Supply and demand: The rising price of Indonesian beef

Nice clip from the BBC

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Opportunity cost numerical examples

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Concentration ratio activity

Thanks to tutor2u

The effect of increasing VAT in Greece

Nice clip from the BBC

Why is British productivity low?

Interesting clips from the BBC and

Should government regulate high energy foods?

A thought provoking article from George Monbiot in The Guardian

Costs: Why is Tesla still in Business if it's losing $4,000 for every car it sells?

Interesting! Think fixed and variable costs when reading this Sky news story

Horizontal integration in the betting industry

....reports Sky

Falling milk prices

Nice summary from tutor2u

China devalues its currency

Why? What happens? A nice collection from tutor2u
and the BBC and

Macroeconomic data from the FT

Thanks to tutor2u for sharing this

Is China's growth sustainable?

Open to question, according to the BBC

Should we tax sugary drinks?

The BMA seems to think so reports tutor2u
and sky news
and the BBC

Why Uber prices surge during a tube strike

Thanks to tutor2u

Monday, July 06, 2015

When should governments intervene in a market?

This BBC clip shows many Americans don't believe government intervention is needed in the market for trans fats

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why might a subsidy not be effective in reducing market failure?

A sobering clip from the BBC explaining the role of subsidies in reducing the market failure associated with inequality of incomes

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is the government's proposal to ban legal highs the right way forward?

Sky news explains the proposals
Here's a good discussion from Ch4

What will be banned? This Guardian article outlines the categories, the last one of which may turn out to be an example of government failure

Market failure: Binge drinking in Magaluf

Legislation seems to be the order of the day, but how easy will it be to enforce?

Drought hit California: The tragedy of the commons

Every farmer needs the water but as each takes what they need, the problem worsens, reports the BBC

The effect of a budget surplus

Thanks to economicshelp for this

Market failure: Income inequality

A thought provoking video

This full length documentary on the issue is fascinating

Market failure: The tragedy of the commons

Nice explanatory videos
I like this one best but you may prefer
This is longer (and fairly right wing) but has some good points

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Legislation is one thing; enforcement another

So it appears from this BBC report and clip

The demand for motorbikes in India

.....and motorbike clothing. The BBC reports

Why India is cutting interest rates

Nice clip on monetary policy objectives from the BBC

How to reduce smoking?

Information provision may be the key, reports the BBC and Sky, possibly funded by a new tax on tobacco profits BBC Sky

A2 Economics glossary

.....from tutor2u

Nudging to Achieve Behavioural Change

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Limitations to GDP as an Economic Indicator

Thanks to tutor2u for this

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Income inequality: Are we all in this together?

Unlikely if the BBC has got it's options right on how to save £12bn from the welfare budget

Crossrail and a positive externality

A nature reserve, reports the BBC

Why is consumption (and therefore growth) stagnent/falling in Japan?

Great clip rom the BBC

Information failure? Paracetamol and pregnancy

Possibly, reports the BBC

De-Merit Goods - Banning Legal Highs

Rather than banning specific compounds, the government now intends to use regulation to ban all legal highs
BBC video

Ch4 video

What would be the costs and benefits of such a move and to what extent would it reduce the market failure associated with legal highs?

Emigration and its effect on the PPF/Economic growth

Dire, for Greece if this tutor2u post is correct

China cuts tariffs on imported consumer goods

...reports tutor2u

Costs and benefits; mining in a national park

This proposal has both private and external benefits and costs? Should it be given the go ahead?

Inequality: Joseph Stiglitz on The Great Divide

Interesting video

and article via tutor2u

Deflation: CPI inflation in the UK turns negative

Reports tutor2u with a BBC video clip

The key questions this raises from Ch4

A supply-side policy: Stricter laws on strike action

As reported by tutor2u


A revision presentation from tutor2u

Perfect competition

A revision presentation from tutor2u

Contestable markets

A revision presentation from tutor2u

International trade

A presentation from tutor2u

International competitiveness

A revision presentation from tutor2u

Production possibility frontier

A revision presentation from tutor2u

Government failure

A revision presentation from tutor2u

First year glossary

...from tutor2u
and macro

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Capitalism: A nice summary....

....from the comedian Colm O'Regan at the BBC in these 4 short clips

1. The worst economic system.....apart from the rest
2. Capitalism and Marx
3. Capitalism and the role of the state; Keynes v Friedman
4. The crisis of capitalism

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Differing standards; a form of protectionism?

This BBC clip shows the limitations on the free trade in cars worldwide

Currency pegs around the world

Thanks to tutor2u for this link to the Economist

Differing wages in the labour market

A nice tool from the BBC which compares your wage, in a variety of ways, to that of top footballers

Sunday, February 01, 2015

slideshares to sort

indirect taxes
maximum prices
minimum prices
buffer stock
labour market
housing market
externalities of prod and con
Neg ext
pos ext
info fail
public goods
merit goods
demerit goods
factor immobility
monopoly power
income and wealth inequality
govt fail

How technology can increase productivity: The half mile long train

Great report from the BBC on the effect of automating tasks. The last sentence says the job is reduced from 12 years to 2

The costs of increasing car ownership

Summarised in under a minute by this BBC report on car ownership in China

The measles outbreak in California; a case of information failure?

Why do more affluent parents in California not immunise their children? Could it be a case of information failure asks this BBC clip

Market failure; smoking in pregnancy

Are financial incentives the way to reduce the market failure (ie negative externalities in the form of harm to the unborn child)? Maybe, this small scale trial reported by the BBC suggests

Speed cameras; actions to reduce market failure

Reduced accidents (ie negative externalities) resulting from this scheme in Scotland, report the BBC

Policies to solve the problem of deflation/low inflation

Thanks to economicshelp for this summary

The impact of immigration on the UK economy

A wide ranging summary from Economicshelp

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Inequality in Scotland; the rise of food banks

A depressing video form the BBC (unless that is you believe that the free market with little government intervention is best)

The effect of the rising Swiss Franc

Bad for exporters, but what about the Swiss inflation rate.? The BBC reports

The falling oil price; winners and losers

On both a micro and macro level, this BBC clip makes interesting viewing

The liquidity trap explained

Thanks to economicshelp for this explanation

Friday, January 16, 2015

Why has the price of milk been falling?

Ch4 explains

UK debt

Lots of data in this economicshelp post

How useful is pareto efficiency?

Useful post from economicshelp

How the inflation rate varies between different income groups?

Thanks to tutor2u for pointing me to this ONS post

Why some inflation is seen as a good thing

Great article from the BBC

The price mechanism and allocative efficiency

Nice post from tutor2u

The history of the CPI basket

2 articles from the BBC (click the tab to get the second story) explaining some of the ins and outs of the CPI basket

The problems of enforcing the minimum wage

Some well known firms appear to be breaking the law according to this Sky story

CPI Inflation falls to a record low

This Ch4 video explains why

as does this Sky post

and the BBC

and this one questions whether it's all good news

as do these posts from Robert Peston

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deflation in the Euro zone

Yes and no, it appears from this BBC clip; it depends how you measure it

Conainer ships; even more economies of scale

Over the years I've posted links to stories about ever larger container ships. Here's the new King of the container ships able to carry 19,100 containers with 20 crew


Why has the $ appreciated?

Well, obviously, it's to do with supply and demand but this economicshelp post adds some reasons

How has the UK recovered from the recession?

An interesting graph in this post from economicshelp comparing the recovery in GDP per capita in the UK to France and the USA

How wages are determined: The £1000 a week bricklayers

Nice blog post from tutor2u