Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unit 2: How "good" is the recent UK economic growth?

One of the evaluative points when discussing this question would be "how have the gains from growth been distributed?"
This post from Ch4 is illuminating

..and this compares London against Sheffield

Unit 2 : Macro data: Jan 2014

There is a link in this tutor2u post to updated charts

Unit 2: GDP grows at its fatest rate since the recession

....reports Sky

and in the USA as well

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Unit 2: The multiplier effect of Australian mining

As explained in this Aljazeera video

Unit 2: The costs of economic growth: Obesity

As reported by Aljazeera

Unit 1: Capturing cow's burps and the resulting positive externalities

Not your usual story, but if this process is adopted widely, there won't only be private benefits to the farmers (ie nearly free energy), but also a positive externality as the rest of society will benefit from lower global warming

Unit 1: Information failure: How much sugar in a bottle of coke?

Do you know how may calories you consume when you drink a Coke? This Newsnight clip may be illuminating if you have no idea

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Unit 1: Legal highs: The difficulty of enforcing legislation/regulation

The problem is shown clearly by Aljazeera,AAAAmtVJIFk~,TVGOQ5ZTwJbsT0Mq3k9H8GCa4jV3vL4M&bctid=3008780245001

Unit 1: Mining: A capital intensive industry

Nice clip from Aljazeera

Unit 2: Happy Birthday GDP

....reports this BBC video

Unit 1: Ireland has more "land" as they find gold!

....reports the BBC

Unit 1: New year, new laws/regulations

The New Year has seen a raft of new legislation/regulation around the world as reported in the Guardian

Look at the laws introduced in each country and ask yourself
a) Is there a market failure this law is setting out to correct?
b) If so, evaluate the likely success of the legislation in reducing the market failure

Unit 2: The cost of youth unemployment

Sky news has this depressing report from the Prince's Trust

...and the BBC