Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gender pay inequality in the UK

Appalling, reports Aljazeera

Minimum wage in Santa Fe, USA

Thanks to Aljazeera

Qatar moves towards a more sustainable economic growth model recycling water, reports Aljazeera

What is quantitative easing?

Explained in 70 seconds by the BBC
and Aljazeera

Plain cigarette packaging heads for the UK

A decisive action to reduce market failure? I hope so, but time will tell

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Inequality in Scotland; the rise of food banks

A depressing video form the BBC (unless that is you believe that the free market with little government intervention is best)

The effect of the rising Swiss Franc

Bad for exporters, but what about the Swiss inflation rate.? The BBC reports

The falling oil price; winners and losers

On both a micro and macro level, this BBC clip makes interesting viewing

The liquidity trap explained

Thanks to economicshelp for this explanation

Friday, January 16, 2015

Why has the price of milk been falling?

Ch4 explains

UK debt

Lots of data in this economicshelp post

How useful is pareto efficiency?

Useful post from economicshelp

How the inflation rate varies between different income groups?

Thanks to tutor2u for pointing me to this ONS post

Why some inflation is seen as a good thing

Great article from the BBC

The price mechanism and allocative efficiency

Nice post from tutor2u

The history of the CPI basket

2 articles from the BBC (click the tab to get the second story) explaining some of the ins and outs of the CPI basket

The problems of enforcing the minimum wage

Some well known firms appear to be breaking the law according to this Sky story

CPI Inflation falls to a record low

This Ch4 video explains why

as does this Sky post

and the BBC

and this one questions whether it's all good news

as do these posts from Robert Peston

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deflation in the Euro zone

Yes and no, it appears from this BBC clip; it depends how you measure it

Conainer ships; even more economies of scale

Over the years I've posted links to stories about ever larger container ships. Here's the new King of the container ships able to carry 19,100 containers with 20 crew


Why has the $ appreciated?

Well, obviously, it's to do with supply and demand but this economicshelp post adds some reasons

How has the UK recovered from the recession?

An interesting graph in this post from economicshelp comparing the recovery in GDP per capita in the UK to France and the USA

How wages are determined: The £1000 a week bricklayers

Nice blog post from tutor2u