Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Unit 1: The Nigella effect on the demand for goose fat

What price the celbrity effect? This article from the Guardian shows the effect of an endorsement by celebrity Nigella Lawson on the sales of goose fat


a) Which of the factors that influence demand has changed?
b) What has happened to the demand curve for goose fat?

Unit 1: The price of orange juice

A great article from the Guardian explaining all sorts of things about the orange industry but particularly explaining why the price will rise in the near future


a) What factors are identified as having reduced supply
b) Draw a diagram to show how these changes have caused the price to rise

Unit 2: Market dominance: BAA and air passenger travel

The OFT is likely to recommend a Competition Commission enquiry into BAA says this BBC article:


a)On what grounds?
b) Given its market share, what term could you use to describe BAA's market position?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Unit 2: Tradable permits: The EU Carbon Trading and fines on firms for non-compliance

Geoff Riley's blog has this story about 2 firms fined for non-compliance with the scheme and a link to more details on the scheme


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Unit 3: Exchange rates and the BOP: More on the fall of the dollar

This article from the Independent is great!

a) If the dollar is falling in value, what is happening to the value of the pound?
b)What does the article suggest are the advantages and disadvantages TO THE UK ECONOMY of this change
c) To what extent will the current account of the BOP be effected by the fall in value of the dollar?


Unit 2: Overcoming negative externalities: Road pricing; the Eddington report

The Eddingon report on on the future of UK transport suggests a role for road pricing. This video clip suggests why

Drivers should be charged according to how much they use the roads, says a report on the future of transport in Britain.< http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/check/nolavconsole/ukfs_news/hi?redirect=st.stm&news=1&amp;amp;bbram=1&bbwm=1&nbram=1&nbwm=1&nol_storyid=6197498 >

More on the report can be found at


and other links are listed with a summary at Geoff Riley's blog


As the prospect of green taxes loom, this BBC Midlands Today video clip examines what road pricing might cost some of the region's commuters.

< http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/check/nolavconsole/ukfs_news/hi?redirect=st.stm&news=1&amp;amp;bbram=1&bbwm=1&nbram=1&nbwm=1&nol_storyid=6099642 >